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Le Réseau Stingray

Un Réseau Aérien Express Régional



Provided by Prospective Concepts, the technology platform STINGRAY marks the high end in terms of applications for pneumatic structures. It is at the same time a showcase and a pioneer of a construction principle, which combines high-strength fiber materials with compressed air, facilitating the creation of extremely light and robust yet flexible constructions.

From 1995 through 2000, the STINGRAY, packed with sensor electronics, has completed over 300 test flights in Hradcany, Czech Republic, and St. Stephan, Bernese alps. In addition to aspects regarding aerodynamics and flight mechanics, the main focus was on analyzing the reaction of the pneumatic textile structure method to different forces.
The STINGRAY was navigated by former airforce pilot Gion Bezzola. In the field of measurement instrumentation, new grounds were broken, too: due to a stereo photogrammetrical method, the aeroelastic deformation of the flying STINGRAY could be captured with an accuracy of a few millimeters from an escort helicopter. In order to capture the data, a system was developed, which is now about to be introduced to the market as MSR Modular Signal Recorder.
The new and improved version of the STINGRAY will feature a pneumatic control through dynamic areas, a cabin that will be fully integrated into the weight-bearing geometry, an electric drive with so called ducted fans, as well as a multifunctional landing gear.

Technical data


Wingspan 13 m Length 9.4 m 3

Volume 68 m 2

Wing area 70 m

Power 64 PS each Max.

take off weight 840 kg

Differential pressure 20-50 mb g-load 4.5 g


Take off speed 47 km/h

Cruising speed 130 km/h

Vertical speed 2.5 m/s



Le Stingray est loger sur la rampe hydraulique qui le propulse à 55 Km/h


le bruit produit est très limité

les extrémités des ailes

sont en position intermédiaire




Vol de croisière


Les ailerons sont recourbés, l'aérodynamique est optimisée


la vitesse est de 150 Km/h






En amorcant la fin de sa descente,  Les ailerons se tendent - la vitesse diminue


la portance se maintient

jusqu'à 45 Km/h


A quelques mettre du sol,

les propulseurs a air comprimés sont dirigés vers le sol et accompagnent le Stingray jusqu'au sol à l'arrêt.


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