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Townhouse wood & zinc

    Wooden frame and facing house

94 - Saint-Maur-des-Fosses

The project consists of 2 associated programs on the same plot. At the front, a space dedicated to the family business which houses office space, set back on the street the house itself which opens onto the private garden at the rear.

The office space is accessible directly from the street and develops on two levels.

The house consists of 4 levels, a dedicated basement in addition to parking at a spa area. The slightly raised ground floor accommodates the kitchen and the double living room which open widely onto the wooden terrace and the garden. large bedrooms including the master suite plus a studio for entertaining. The last level in the attic offers a large multipurpose space dedicated to children.

The whole is made of a wooden frame and adorned with un  thin wooden cladding  playing with the lines to integrate and draw the two programs.

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